The vanguard of decentralized innovation
Blocksync Ventures

Blocksync Ventures is a venture capital firm focusing exclusively on decentralized ledger technology. We strive to be the catalyst for widespread adoption of disruptive innovation.

Our core mission is to accelerate the development of decentralized computing and Web3 networks. Therefore, we empower pioneers to create projects that are at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Why We Are

Blocksync is able to provide carefully curated support, whether it’s finding product-market-fit, access to a global network of deep-rooted connections or growing a team of talent across a range of disciplines to make companies scalable. With our extensive experience and focus on innovation, we aim to bring the best ideas to life. 

We are a venture incubator working closely with projects in every facet possible to bring the next generation blockchain technology to market. This is one of our core competitive advantages, and it sets us apart from others in the industry.


Our philosophy is successful because we invest in relationships, not deals. Deals are simply transactions. We build exceptional relationships with companies that last, collaborating on projects with conviction.

The founders that we work with share our collective vision to revolutionize the blockchain movement. We understand that distributed ledger technology enables the creation of new digitally native assets, and we aim to be among the forerunners of this paradigm shift.